What we do

Our mission is to empower a new generation of creators to expand their potential and reinvent how they tell their stories.

Wiral LITE is packed with features that help you make professional looking videos. Want Hollywood-style videos without the Hollywood-style production budget? We got you.

Easy setup and intuitive controls let you focus on what matters most: getting an awesome shot. And here's the best part - you'll need no prior training or piloting license to film.

Target market
Founded date
Company HQ
31. des. 2015
Oslo, Norway

Our story

We’re a crowdfunded startup company - we started out with a successful Kickstarter campaign (100% funded in under 4 minutes) and have kept growing ever since.

Our first product - Wiral LITE, is a versatile cable cam system designed to create unique, dynamic shots. It’s an awesome accessory for film production, sports, lifestyle, coaching and other types of shoots, both indoors and outdoors.

With Wiral LITE, we open the door to new possibilities in video creation.

Key features

1. Wiral LITE Cable Cam Unit

This is Wiral LITE - it sets your camera in motion and takes it places it's never been before. You can control the movement of Wiral LITE along the li

2. Your Camera

Wiral LITE comes with a standard ¼ camera mount. All you need to do is mount your favorite camera to Wiral LITE and you’re ready to film.

3. Rope System

Set up our patent-pending Quick Reel™ rope system and place Wiral LITE on it - it takes less than 3 minutes!


We’re a driven team of self-starters working together to reinvent the creative industries by developing new solutions.

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Øivind Aabye, CTO & Co-Founder

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