What we do

Pliance offers anti-money laundering automation for modern fintech companies.

With our powerful API, you can integrate powerful customer screening processes in no time, and focus on your core products.

Target market
Founded date
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4. feb. 2018

Our story

We started Pliance because we, coming from the fintech and AML (anti-money laundering) industry, saw that there had been very little innovation in improving the processes that financial companies are required to follow in order to remain compliant with AML regulation. Tools relied on old technologies and manual steps, making these processes time consuming and inflexible.

Key features

Automated screening

Automate your PEP (politically exposed persons) and sanctions screening with the Pliance API. It is powerful, easy-to-implement and well-documented.

Automated monitoring

All registered end-customers are automatically monitored for the PEP and sanctions statuses. Get notified if the status of the end-customer changes.

Tamper-proof auditing

All activities are logged in our system and secured on blockchain to ensure that you have tamper-proof logs and can report to authorities.


We need a sustainable financial ecosystem that supports innovation without risking an increase in financial crime. That's where Pliance comes in.

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