• NFI Connect

Why join NFI Connect?

At the first glance you might think of NFI Connect as yet another social business platform. You're already on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, why bother? Let us tell you why.

There's a lot of social platforms out there. We're all known to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We've been there, created our business pages, posted contents and got some followers.

But what do we gain from these platforms? We reach out potential customers, yes. And that is good because we need to be seen by our customers. But other than that, there is not much to gain from these huge platforms.

Built around the Startup's needs

NFI Connect was created on a vision that if we help Startups connecting and collaborating with the right corporates, we can enhance innovation and shape the future. Lifting new ideas, bright minds and disruptive mindsets with backing from market leaders and experts.

Nordic Finance Innovation (NFI) has through the last few years created a strong connection amongst big corporates in the Nordics, focusing on innovation and collaboration to compete with the large global enterprises. Now we want to invite bright, promising Startups to join our network and participate in shaping the future.

Providing the right connections

At NFI we strive for innovation and growth by Nordic collaborations. We seek to find the right connections between corporates and Startups, as we believe some of the greatest ideas are being shaped at new Startups. By matching corporates and Startups, we hope to create strong, lasting and mutual valuable partnerships.

There is a lot going on amongst our member companies, and hackathons, workshops and other events are regularly arranged with focus on specific industries or challenges. We hope to involve some of you Startups in these events, and will also create events targeted specifically for Startups.

Tools and Programs

Through the NFI network we offer free or reduced pricing for a series of tools and programs that are useful to Startups, including consultancy services, advisory, accelerators and software products. Through the NFI Connect app you will be able to receive coupon codes or discounts on a number of products.

A relevant audience

The user group of NFI Connect is limited to Startups (owners & employees), corporate members, hubs and industry experts and influencers. When you share your Startup's product, services and news with the network, it will be shared with some of the top Nordic companies and their employees. This makes it a great way to showcase your Startup to people with influence and potential customers or partners.

Start now by setting up your Startup's profile and get visible to a strong Nordic network.