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Tips: How to get seen by other users

As more and more Startups are joining the app, how do you ensure that you are seen by others? Here are a few easy tips.

As for most other apps or platforms, the more active your are the more visible you become. Creating and sharing contents will keep you relevant, but thats not all. We have put together a short list on how you can get traction to your Startup.

1. Complete your Startup profile

Once you downloaded the app and created your account, you were able to browse the app and read the contents published by other startups. But this does not mean that you are visible to other yet!

To become visible to others in the app you will have to complete your Startup's profile by providing information on your Startup. This is done at the Profile tab, and you can edit your information at any time. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to find your Startup in the app. Once your profile is completed, you are visible to all other in the app, and you can now start publishing contents and communicate with others.

2. Start sharing contents

Contents you share is seen by other startups, hubs and corporates in their news feeds. Share news on your startup and interesting articles that are relevant to your company or the network. If you have a blog or a news feed on your website, share some of the articles in the Connect app and get traction to your own website.

Do you have any pitches of your Startup or your concept? Did you create presentations of your product/service? Great! Share them with the network and get others to know you better.

3. Make use of the Marketplace

Are you in need of a certain service? App or web development, product design, legal or financial consultancy or anything else? Create a listing on the Marketplace and let experts on the area know that you might have a job for them.

Are you offering a certain service or product? Browse Marketplace and find your next job!

4. Mentors, Collaborators, Partners etc.

Are you in need of a mentor? Are you searching for domestic or international partners or collaborators? Put it on your profile and let people know. We are working on features to make it easier to find potential partners and mentors.

5. Invite your team

People visiting your Startup's profile is most likely interested in learning about your team. Set up your team in the Profile tab, and get your team members to join the app. Provide publishing roles to someone in the team to get them to help you create contents.

6. Become Featured!

Every month a few Startups are getting the opportunity to be featured in the app and on the NFI websites. To become featured, you must have completed your Startup profile, and caught the attention of the editors by sharing interesting news about yourself or having an exciting profile.