• NFI Connect


Workshops, Hackathons and a lot of other events by NFI or our members will be available through the app

Engagement, inspiration, cooperation and sharing of knowledge is some of the key values of NFI. We think that the best way of enforcing these values is getting together, sharing our ideas and learning from others experiences.

Workshops, hackathons, meetups, and other events hosted by NFI or our member companies will be shared in the Connect app. We want to show you events that might be interesting for your Startup, to help you grow your network or help push your progress.

Some of the events will be available to register for directly through the app by the click of button, while others might require you to fill out information on the host's web page. We are working on creating a common standard of information needed for event registrations, to make it as easy as possible for you to register and attend.

We will also highlight some other events that might be of interest for you, not only in the Nordics, but in Europe and other continents as well.