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Coming Soon: The Marketplace

If you're hiring experts to do a job for you, or looking to take on more work for your Startup, you're in the right place.

The Marketplace in the NFI Connect app is ment exclusively for our members, and is completely free of charge either you are hiring or offering services.

We want to give Startups an easy-to-use, quick and non-binding place for exchanging services. By selecting from a range of categories and providing descriptive information we allow our users to post service requests in just seconds.

The intention of the Marketplace was to make it easy to request or respond to services, by establishing a communication channel between the to parts. The actual sale or agreement must be handled outside the app between the involved companies.

The Marketplace will be an easy way to find new work for your area of expertise, and will eventually suggest work for you based on industry, service and location.

Whether you are a consultancy service requesting design experts for rebranding or a product developer in need of legal advisory, don't hesitate; create a service request on the Marketplace!