Machine Learning

Machine learning is a hot topic today. Big personalities has different opinions about how it can impact the human nature, from replacing jobs to Elon Musk’s thoughts about creating the real terminator.
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Machine Learning

Time and Location

30. mai 2018, 10:00 – 21:00
Felix konferansesenter, Bryggetorget 3, 0125 Oslo, Norge

About the event

We were pleased to announce Brett King as the main speaker on our first member meeting in 2017. It was the first time Brett King and Chris Skinner debate together on our NFI/Financial Service Club meeting in the Nordics. They had some terrific insights to share with us.

How has nordic companies utilized Machine Learning so far?

How can Machine learning improve daily workstations and make the work more


What are the possibilities and how can you take advantage of them?

Can Machine learning change the Financial Industry?

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