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NFI Connect enhance innovation and collaboration by connecting different company types.

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A marketplace to gain knowledge and income

Get help

You can create service requests based on filters and text explaining how the network can be of help

Based on the categories you will get corporate suggestions

Potential income

You can offer your services based on service requests

Get notifications whenever another company in the network requests a service you can provide.


Featured this month

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Pliance offers anti-money laundering automation for modern fintech companies.

With our powerful API, you can integrate powerful customer screening processes in no time, and focus on you...

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Our mission is to empower a new generation of creators to expand their potential and reinvent how they tell their stories.

Wiral LITE is packed with features that help you make professio...

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We deliver groceries to businesses, kindergartens, canteens, schools, and the likes.

Find events and tools that suits you

Explore events 

Attend Programs, Events, Workshops, and explore Hubs, Startups and corporates. Find something that suits your needs.

Tools and products

Explore tools and discounted products thats relevant for yourself or your company.

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Marketing directly to the decision makers

Showcase yourself with articles, media, milestones and awards directly to people in the NFI network

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Showcase your company with articles and video


Create an article in a few simple steps by sharing pre posted content from other SoME


Add or share your best product explantations, videos, elevator pitches etc to impress startups and investors in the network

Track your progression with work-story and milestones

Work story

Where have you work and what have you done? Share your professional journey.

Awards and milestones

Create milestones for yourself or your company and showcase your progression. Add awards so other can view your accomplishments.


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